Who am I?

Brief autobiography

My name is Tyler Chase. I am currently 25 years old. I am a child of God and follower of Christ. I am a husband, father, son, brother and lover of life.

Quick facts

I have an adorable 3 year old daughter named Mia and a gorgeous Peruvian wife, Nadia. We live in Jackson, Michigan.fall-photo-shoot-family

We also have a playful dalmatian-mix named Lola (we call her Loli…)

I’ve been baptized – twice. A lot happened from the first time to the second. Most recently I was baptized by one of my really good friends and role models at Westwinds Community Church.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Spanish (yes, only Spanish) from Adrian College.

I am fluent in Spanish and Portuguese and am working on Russian. French or Hindi is next.

I am a nerd…I love math/science. I also like being organized (that’s one of the reasons for starting the blog… to keep my thoughts organized).

I have a beard. It’s new. And not even close to being done growing.

I love learning about many, many subjects. And frequently change my focus on which I am working on.

I am a beginning woodworker and aspire to be a luthier.

I love craft beers. My favorites are darker beers like stouts and darker porters. I will try anything though, even though I’m really not a fan of IPA beer. My father brews his own, so that is a great way for me to try new ones!