The Golden Ratio – My Ideal Body

My “ideal” body

One of my favorite fitness/nutrition/physical health authors is Mike Matthews, author of Bigger Leaner Stronger. He also has a website: Muscle For Life. He breaks down physical fitness and “proper” nutrition into a way that is very easily comprehended by the reader. He uses actual scientific studies as well as his own body/transformation to back up his “claims.” Honestly, it helped me actually learn the information. You could use his articles and just skim them and do what he recommends, but I like data and fact-checking. So if you actually read his articles and books, you can learn the truth behind manipulating your body the way in which you desire.

One of the things that I learned through reading his articles is that there is actually such a thing as an “ideal male body.” Using a calculation called the “Golden Ratio” we can arrive at the numbers for our particular body that would make us “look the best.” First of all. How do we even have such a ratio? Have you ever noticed how greek statues of muscular men always seem to look just-right? Like their biceps are just the right size, not too small, not too large? Same thing for each body part, calves, thighs, waist, etc. It turns out that this Golden Ratio helps us determine for a particular person what their “Grecian Ideal” body would look like. Mike explains this concept very simply:

“When various parts of the body are in the Golden Ratio to others, a beautiful symmetry and proportion is created.” Mike Matthews, How to Build the Ideal Male Body

He outlines the various ratios of each body part for this ratio. I believe that if I achieve these ratios with my own body, it will be the “best that I can look” and I won’t look too big or too scrawny. I understand that this will take lots and lots of work and probably years to achieve.

What ratios?

First, I have to establish my own ratios as goals. So below are each of my beginning statistics, my goal (calculated using Golden Ratio), and how far I have until I reach my goal.

All of the ratios are ratios of one body part to another. Two of the measurements are static and don’t really change: the wrist and the knees.

Wrist: 7.5″
Knees: 17 1/4″

The rest of the calculations are based on other body parts and how they relate to both the wrist, the knees, or the waist. Below are the calculations with my current measurements (taken on 1/1/2017). My goals are in green text.

Goal: 32″ – 36″ (I don’t currently have a formula for this.
Actual: 47.325″
Need: Reduction of at least 11.325″

Biceps (flexed) = wrist x 2.5
Goal: 7.5″ x 2.5 = 18.75″
Actual: 14.25″
Need: 4.5″ growth

Chest circumference = wrist x 6.5
Goal: 7.5″ x 6.5 = 48.75″
Actual: 46.25″
Need: 2.5″ growth

Flexed calves = flexed arms
Goal: 18.75″

Left calf
Actual: 18.25″
Need: 0.5″ growth

Right calf
Actual: 18″
Need: 0.75″ growth

Shoulder circumference = waist x 1.618
Goal: 36″ x 1.618 = 58.25″
Actual: 51.5″
Need: 6.75″ growth between shoulders/arms/chest

Upper legs – knee x 1.75
Goal: 17.5 * 1.75 = 30.625″

Actual: 27.625″
Need: 3″ growth

Actual: 27.5″
Need: 3.125″ growth

What to do with this data…

Looking at this data, I have concluded that the first step, is to reduce my current waist size. This is the measurement that needs the most work. My other measurements will change as I continue to become more fit and lose fat. The biggest thing that I am concerned with at the moment is losing weight/fat and reducing my waist size. Once I get within a couple inches of my goal, I can look closer at the rest of my body’s measurements and try to develop an action plan for developing each specific body part. So for now, I will immerse myself into the Bodyweight Mastery Program, that I talk about in my post Weighing in – Transformation Challenge.

The next progress report

I will continue to measure my progress as outlined in my overview of Progress. I will weigh myself every day but take a 7 day average each week. That being said, I will be posting progress reports on a weekly basis with the weekly weight average as well as body fat % and lean body mass. The first week of every month will include these numbers as well as the physical body measurements to see the progress towards my ideal body.


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